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biography Born to two born and bred Americans in the heart of Texas, Jack Komar's beginnings were humble. His parents didn't have the money to send him to the fancy drama schools he'd begged to attend since he was old enough to talk, so he made do with the drama club at his school in Cloete where he'd often land the leading roles in the various plays and musicals his teachers organized. It was a no brainer to everyone who saw the young, blonde haired boy belt out songs and lines on the stage - he was a natural.

A natural he may have been, but he was also nothing without connections. There had been no deliberation in Jack's mind when it came to career guidance appointments or quizzes that asked 'what job would best suit you?'; he would tell anyone who asked that he was going to be an actor and he was going to be famous. He said it with just enough confidence that his high school drama teacher took him seriously, referring him to an acting coach in Los Angeles after graduation. That summer was a whirl of driving back and forth to Tinseltown in his beat up truck, juggling a part-time job in a cafe in Texas with auditions in the hopes that a casting director would spot his passion and talent.

He wasn't exactly immediately successful, but a small role in an advertisement series was enough to make the over-confident twenty year old pack his bags and make the move to Los Angeles permanent. He immersed himself in acting classes and auditions, keeping a job as a barista to make rent, and after several years he scored a one episode role in the TV series NYPD Blue. Two years later, he appeared to crack Hollywood. A role alongside Kate Winslet in Titanic would prove to be one of the turning points of his career; the movie went on to earn an Oscar for Best Picture and the pay check meant he could say goodbye to his days of pouring coffee forever. He was suddenly seen as a somebody in Hollywood, an up and coming threat to other young actors, and the realization that his life-long dream was starting to become a reality was a powerful one.

In the years that followed he worked steadily, scoring a double whammy of two iconic roles in 2000 and 2002 with the role of Richard in The Beach and the real life portrayal of Frank in Catch Me If You Can. The latter of which was what really made Jack a household name, even his marriage was thrust into the spotlight and the paparazzi were suddenly interested in taking photographs of his wife and young daughter. Kaitlin had been a surprise, though not an unwelcome one. At only 20, Jack didn't exactly feel ready to be a father but he was given no choice in the matter when a positive pregnancy test led to a shotgun wedding and a pink bundle a few months later.

Perhaps he should've seen the warning signs, that a shotgun wedding for the sake of a baby was far from a good omen, but Jack was too wrapped up in his new bride to consider the possible consequences of his rash decisions. He'd met Olivia while he was still working as a barista, and it was comforting to know that she didn't only want to be with him because he was Oscar nominated actor Jack Komar. The threesome lived as a happy family for many years despite the rushed marriage, and their daughter was afforded every luxury someone in Jack's position could provide. The best schools, clothes and toys were all part of Kaitlin's staples, and even if he'd been too young for fatherhood in many ways, Jack adored his little girl.

Unfortunately, Hollywood puts a strain on even the strongest of relationships and Jack's marriage was no exception. He filed for divorce just after Kaitlin's tenth birthday, his career in Hollywood still on the rise as he garnered himself a-lister status and immersed himself in his work. He still saw his daughter on weekends, taking her on vacations whenever his schedule permitted, and was delighted when the little girl began to show an interest in acting herself. With her mother acting as her agent and Jack using his connections to ensure her a successful career, he felt nothing but pride the first time he visited her on set.

A second marriage in 2009 earned Jack and his new bride the reputation of a Hollywood golden couple, and they were constantly followed by eager paparazzi who covered the subsequent divorce and cheating scandal with vigor two years later. Failed marriages aside, Jack came from nothing and built himself up to be one of the most successful actors of his generation, something he'd been telling dubious parents and teachers he'd do since childhood. There isn't much Jack would change about his life nowadays, he's been handed an excellent hand and he knows it. Keeping his daughter away from the perils of being a starlet is his next priority, one he doesn't intend on messing up.
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